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29th May 2016 


My busy and varied homeopathy practice was established in Netherfield, Nottingham in 2004 after qualifying as a Licentiate Homeopath from the Centre for Homeopathic Education, London. I'm fully insured and registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, abiding by their Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. So, I have over 12 years experience of homeopathic clinical practice here in Nottingham. I see patients of all ages ranging from pre-birth to very old age for a very wide variety of health concerns, which can be short-term or chronic conditions, physical or emotional.

Primarily I'm based in the Netherfield area of Nottingham, but I also offer homeopathic home visits anywhere in Nottingham and the Nottinghamshire area for those who are less able to get about. Additionally, I hold homeopathy appointments in Nottingham City Centre: in Hockley at the Nottingham Writers Studio (not far from the Little London Herbal Store) and some free, drop-in consultation sessions for seasonal health issues at several local health stores. If you live further away, I can also do appointments by telephone, Skype or email.

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I'm asked to help with all manner of health concerns ranging from A-Z. As well as short-term and long-term, acute and chronic complaints, people ask for help with those conditions that don't respond well to ordinary medicine, to ease or de-tox side effects of harsh medications and to boost their general immunity. Many of my patients come to me via recommendation from others. Feel free to check my details under Homeopaths in Nottingham on the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths website under the 'Find A Homeopath' tab, and on the National Directory of Registered Homeopaths.

A homeopath takes into account the whole person and how they experience their ailments treating thecause/s of illness as well as symptoms

Why So Many People Choose Homeopathy

Simply because homeopathic medicine is SAFE for everyone! There are no harsh chemicals or treatments involved and it is an individualised regime that treats the whole person. Hence, homeopathy suits all ages: and it is of course ideal for pregnant and nursing women. Homeopathic treatment is frequently chosen by those sensitive to drug treatments and their many side effects, babies and children enjoy the pleasant taste of homeopathic remedies, whilst the very frail benefit from its gentleness.

Homeopathy prompts your own body to heal itself and can be safely and effectively used either alongside or instead of ordinary medicine, should you wish. Whilst it's often helpful to work with clinical diagnoses, prescriptions and tests relating to your condition, it is not always necessary. Your symptoms and how you experience them are the most important factors in homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy also enhances and supports other complementary and alternative therapies and treatments, especially CBT & other 'talking therapies' and other approaches to health such as Allergy Testing, reflexology, herbal medicine etc. It also enhances more physical interventions like osteopathy, massage and treatment for sports injuries because homeopathic remedies support & encourage tissue repair. And here is a simply written explanation of why Homeopathy works!

If you've got time, you can browse details of published Clinical Research Evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy by CONDITION, then please click here and also here. You can also check here for more details of why conventional medicine is so often unsafe.

My Specialisms

My main area of homeopathic expertise is WOMEN'S HEALTH & WELLBEING. More precisely, I am consulted very often for issues relating to Menstrual Health, the Menopause, Pregnancy & Birth, but of course, my treatment is not exclusive to women! My first degree in Psychology and post-graduate Certificate in Counselling & Personal Development inform my helping men and women with emotional conditions relating to ANXIETY, STRESS & DEPRESSION. To enhance these I hold a Grade A SNHS Diploma in COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY (CBT) and offer CBT as well as Homeopathy to help with personal issues such as Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Stress, OCD, Low Self-Esteem and other psychologically troubling states such as Addictions, PTSD and PND. To see how CBT & Homeopathy can work together, if you wish, here is a link to my CBT & Allergy Testing page:

I'm also very frequently consulted by those with ALLERGIES, allergic conditions such as HAYFEVER, ECZEMA, ASTHMA, CANDIDA, IBS etc, as well as food cravings and suspected sensitivities. Homeopathy can act specifically on the immune system, and in order to identify specific allergens and suspected sensitivities, I can use simple kinesiological muscle testing as part of your homeopathic consultation. I hold a Grade A SNHS Diploma in ALLERGY TESTING and frequently find that Allergy Testing is most helpful to supplement homeopathic treatment that addresses allergic symptoms themselves as well as their causes. To find out more about how Allergy Testing & Homeopathy work together to address allergic states, here's the link to my Allergy Testing page.

Incidentally: If you have private or company health insurance you might like to check with your insurers whether you are covered for homeopathic consultations. An increasing number of health insurance companies (such as HSA, Healthsure, Westfield and AXA) are recognising the benefits of Homeopathy and other complementary and alternative treatments like CBT.

Other Experience

I am also an examiner and a supervisor of student homeopaths for two colleges of homeopathy. I've written several journal articles about Homeopathy as well as Psychology and a recent homeopathy article can be accessed by clicking here.. I have presented several talks over the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire areas on Homeopathy and on CBT & Allergy Testing and am available to facilitate talks, seminars and corporate consultation days. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested.

Don't forget to visit my USEFUL HEALTH TIPS page for some simple, homeopathic self-help for minor ailments!