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I accept payments via internet banking, PayPal, cash or cheque. General advice is, of course, FREE. Just ask me with no obligation whether I can help you!

HOMEOPATHY: To visit me in Netherfield, its £80 for the first Homeopathy appointment and £60 for follow-ups. (I prefer at least one follow-up 3-4 weeks later to monitor your initial progress with your remedies). Email, phone and Skype consultations are also £80 for the first appointment and £60 for follow-ups.

Paypal is £86 and £63 respectively. Consultations from your home cost £90 and £70 respectively to include travel costs, although I can only offer these if you find it difficult to get around.

These fees include homeopathic remedies as well as phone or email support and advice between appointments

Whilst emergencies do inevitably crop up that might prevent you from keeping your appointment with me, a cancellation fee of 50% applies for non-attendances and cancellations at very short notice in order to cover my preparation time and any room or petrol costs. Fortunately, this is seldom necessary
  • If you have an acute condition that is NOT related to your current treatment eg flu, stomach upsets, insect bites etc or if you require support remedies for dental treatment or travel, or a 'flu prophylactic, then I charge you £35.
  • A one-off acute consultation for non-current patients will cost £60, including remedies.
  • A tissue salt pregnancy support programme and supply of remedies is £48.
    STUDENT SUPERVISION New cases are £50 for 1 hour and follow-up cases are £25 for 30 minutes.

    COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY (CBT) sessions are £45 for the initial assessment and £40 each session thereafter. (A minimum of 5 sessions with a maximum of 15 is usual).
    ALLERGY TESTING is included in Homeopathy appointments, IF it is appropriate.

    NB: If you have private health insurance you might like to check with your insurers whether you are covered for homeopathic consultations. An increasing number of personal and corporate health insurance companies (such as HSA, Healthsure, Westfield and AXA) are recognising the benefits of Homeopathy, CBT, and other complementary or alternative treatments.


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Some years ago homeopathy permanently cleared my long-standing, chronic eczema. I wanted a natural alternative medicine to prescribed harsh, suppressive steroid creams as well as a safe, holistic approach to my overall health. Homeopathic medicine not only cleared up my skin for good, but homeopathic treatment also pinpointed and helped me deal effectively with the original emotional trigger for the eczema. This was my inspiration to study and qualify as a homeopath myself and to set up my practice in Nottingham.

My first BA(Hons) degree is in Psychology. Before I became a Homeopath I was a lecturer & researcher in Psychology and Women's Studies in London. Additionally, I hold a Post-Graduate Certificate in Counselling & Personal Development from City University, a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and a Diploma in Allergy Testing.

This background helps me enormously in relating to all my patients' health & lifestyle issues and the psychological effects these have throughout the lifespan. However, I'm equally inspired by my patients and what their experiences teach me as a homeopath. Indeed, it was my patients who have been my inspiration for many of my published journal articles. It was also my patients who prompted me to study for the Diplomas in CBT and in Allergy Testing: I found that over the years so many people of all ages were presenting with emotional problems like anxiety, stress and depression and allergic conditions such as eczema, asthma, candida, IBS and so on. Hence, I can offer a truly holistic approach to solving these types of problems.

Here are links to a couple of articles I wrote that were also inspired by patients published in an international e-journal: End of Life and Homeopathy and Homeopathy for Glands & Hormones.



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