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The word ‘homeopathy’ comes from the Greek 'homœos,' meaning similar, and 'pathos,' meaning suffering or disease. This name reflects its main principle: 'like cures like'. Making use of our own innate healing powers, homeopathy stimulates your body's own energy to return to good health and well-being .

Homeopathy treats each person as a unique individual with the aim of stimulating their own healing ability. A homeopath selects the most appropriate medicine based on the individual's specific symptoms and personal level of health.

Homeopathy has been used extensively, effectively and safely for centuries. It was developed to its present form over 200 years ago based upon the similarity healing principle that the ancient Romans and Greeks used. Today, people from all walks of life and age groups across the worls use and endorse homeopathic treatment and remedies, most notably perhaps the British royal family, David Beckham and Roger Daltry (see also 'Links' page).

Your Initial Consultation & What to Expect

The first appointment usually takes between an hour and ninety minutes. I'll need to know exactly how you experience your symptoms and ask some general questions about yourself, such as food preferences & dietary habits, your sleep patterns, your leisure, how you deal with stress and so on. I'll also ask about your past medical history, your present lifestyle and a little bit about your family's medical history. I can then build up a complete picture of you as an individual, including your health strengths and weaknesses so that I can arrive at a safe and effective course of homeopathic treatment that is carefully tailored to you, based on your current health priorities and needs.

Homeopathic remedies are traditionally used to repair any damage which our body has the potential to mend. Thus, the balances and mechanisms involved in recovery and health are innately restored

Your Prescription

I usually give support remedies straight away along with written guidelines on how to take and store them. Otherwise I will post them to you by 1st class mail, as I need to spend some time going into your case in depth and matching your exact health picture to that of a remedy or remedies for you. I also frequently provide a fact sheet with some self-help and general advice on your condition to accompany your prescription.

Following Up

Follow-up appointments usually last between 30 minutes - 1 hour and we monitor and assess how you've progressed on all levels with your remedies after your previous appointment and whether or not your prescription needs to be changed. You're encouraged to phone or email me between appointments if you need to or if you've forgotten to tell me something.

These subsequent consultations are normally 4-5 weeks apart, but this may vary according to your needs. I prefer to follow-up at least twice after the first appointment, but this is completely up to you and the nature of your visit. You may only need one or two appointments. Many of my patients like to return on a regular basis for care, whilst others want to check in more occasionally for a constitutional appointment, or if their circumstances change and need to deal with any current concerns over their general wellbeing.


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