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18th February 2018 
Seasonal Health Tips for Everyone. Library Image: Woman Headache


As money worries increase and energy levels decrease in the run-up to the party, shopping & festive season, we need to take extra care of our immunity levels – safely and naturally, not to mention inexpensively.

Our bodies need extra help at this time of year to increase our resistance to illness,. We may tend to burn the candle at both ends, or worry about being able to afford all those presents that we also need to find time to shop for in our busy schedules, or we may simply over-indulge ourselves.

There are few simple things that can help to increase your resistance to illness and to ease any seasonal discomforts. It’s well worth taking a few steps to protect and nurture our health at this testing time of the year.

  • Boost your natural immunity, either with Vitamin C-rich foods, or take a good brand of Vit D3 throughout the winter months when sunlight is in short supply. Consider taking Echinacea or Beta Glucan supplements which are also very helpful indeed or even a pro-biotic for digestive health.
  • Consult a qualified homeopath for your own constitutional remedy, which is your best aid to overall, physical and emotional health.
  • Find ways to reduce your stress levels, even if it just means finding 5 minutes of ‘you-time’ each day when you’re NOT thinking about tasks in hand. Try CBT, relaxation techniques, yoga, gentle exercise etc.

  • Get plenty of rest! Drink plenty of water daily to keep all your body cells nicely hydrated so that they work at their best to protect you from illness.

    ACONITE ~ for relief of all symptoms that come on suddenly;
    ARSENICUM ~ for tummy upsets, chilliness, restlessness;
    BELLADONNA ~ for high fevers, sore throats;
    GELSEMIUM ~ for weakness, shivering, aches & pains:
    NUX-VOM ~ for hangovers!

  • For deeper, longer-lasting relief & in severe cases, it is essential that you consult a qualified health professional of your choice

    And, by the way, regarding vaccines...

    After years of reassuring parents about the safety of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine, the UK government has finally had to concede that it can have serious side effects.

    A UK court has ruled that the vaccine caused severe brain damage in a boy, now aged 18, and has ordered the government to pay compensation. The ruling brings to an end a lengthy campaign by the boy's mother, Jackie Fletcher, who created the pressure group JABS to help other parents win compensation for their vaccine-damaged children. Jackie's son, Robert, was just 13 months old when he had the MMR vaccination. From being a healthy baby who was developing normally, he started to suffer epileptic fits and became unresponsive. He is now severely disabled. Jackie and her family have been awarded 91,000 in compensation. The judgement also sends out hope to the thousands of parents in the UK who are also fighting for compensation. (Source: Sunday Times, August 29, 2010). Further, for sound research on why vaccinations should be avoided in general, click this link.